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    November 7

    Marieluise Hutchinson in Antiques and the Arts Weekly

    Born 1947 in Quincy, and raised in rural Hanover, Massachusetts, Marieluise Hutchinson’s childhood home (ca. 1820) and barn on eleven acres afforded her a first hand experience of the New England Farmscapes which she has made her primary subject matter. She belongs to the American generation who grew up after World War II and prior to the Vietnam war, for whom patriotism was not yet politicized, and pride in the country was something to be shared with one’s neighbors. Hutchinson’s paintings reflect her trust in America: without stridency, there is almost always a flag displayed; there are families in these homes who are never seen, but who are palpably present behind glowing windows, blowing curtains, and smoke from winter chimneys. 


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