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    August 2 to August 14 2014

    Italian Inspirations: An Evening of Wine and Art with a Tuscan Terroir Featuring New Works by Sarah Lamb and Joseph McGurl.

    Opening Reception - August 2nd from 5 - 7PM

    The word terroir, often applied to agricultural products such as wine, chocolate, or coffee, can be loosely translated as a "sense of place." Embodied by certain shared characteristics or flavors, it is the sum of effects that link an object to its particular origins. This event will examine the fascinating ways that both wine and art can be traced to their sources through sensory observations. We are delighted to showcase the work of these two exceptional artists, Sarah Lamb and Joseph McGurl, in one room. At the reception, Mr. McGurl will describe how he approached the Plein Air process on his recent trip to Tuscany. In addition, Heather Tartar, Sommelier and Proprietor of Main Street Wine and Gourmet in Orleans, will give an informative presentation on Tuscan wines. Several wonderful Tuscan wines will be available to sample along with some Italian-inspired appetizers.  It is sure to be a memorable event.  Please plan to join us!  The exhibition will be available for viewing from August 2nd - August 14th.

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