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    July 20 to August 1 2013

    Natural Selection, Masters of Egg Tempera: Gary Milek, Koo Schadler, Phil Schirmer, and Fred Wessel

    What is egg tempera? Put simply, it is an emulsion of egg yolk, water, and powdered pigment. In action, it is the medium used to convey some of the most enduring images in the canon of art history. Andrew Wyeth, George Tooker, and Robert Vickrey are perhaps the most famous 20th century artists who chose this fascinating medium, which dates back to Giotto’s frescoes and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Tree’s Place is pleased to present a group exhibition celebrating the unique effects of egg tempera, and the work of some of its most talented living practitioners.

    This incredible exhibition and our collection of egg tempera paintings from the Estate of Robert Vickrey were recently previewed by the editors of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. You can download and read the article here.

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