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    June 8 to July 6 2024

    A Personal Touch, Figurative Sculptures

    NEW EXHIBITION: "A Personal Touch, Figurative Sculptures" by Gwen Marcus. Marcus is one of the foremost figurative sculptors in the United States. Her works can be seen in museums and exclusive private and public collections worldwide. Critics have praised Marcus for her remarkable sensitivity and deep understanding of the human form. Each of her sculptures embodies a powerful execution and attention to detail, showcasing her commitment to excellence and uncompromising quality. 

    What truly distinguishes Marcus' work is her exceptional ability to capture both the essence of movement and the depth of emotions in her subjects. Each of her sculptures in this exquisite show tells a unique story, drawing viewers into their captivating narratives. 

    This is truly a MUST SEE exhibit and will be on view until July 6th, 2024. Please come in and take a beautiful journey into the mind of one of the nation's most renowned sculptors. You won't want to miss it. Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5:30pm.    

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