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Susanne Taylor finds inspiration in the light and atmosphere near the ocean. A lifetime of summers on Cape Cod is the source of her artistic influence. She studied the old masters methods and classical realism at ateliers in New York City and Chicago.  This brought about an expression of painting where water, landscape and light become subjects in her still life paintings. Today she spends her time near the ocean where the influence of light on the landscape, the ocean and waves are ever present subjects. 

After studying Art and Art History at Emmanuel College in Boston, Susanne moved to New York City to pursue a career in advertising. Raising her family as her husband's career moved them around the country provided a rich opportunity to study fine art and painting with artists in each region. Returning each summer to Cape Cod brought continuity – soaking up the environment and the lively arts' scene.

Under Judy Kudlow at the Harlem Studio of Art/NYK Academy she studied the Florence Academy of Art curriculum. Under Bruno Surdo and Mike Chelich in Chicago she was trained in the classical artistic tradition of the Boston School. Living near the beach on Cape Cod and in Delray Beach remain a major inspiration in her work - the air, light and atmosphere close to the ocean are always on her mind.   

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