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Michael John Mariano (b.1947) has spent most of his life on or near the waters of Long Island Sound and Schoodic Point, Maine. Reflections on water have been of particular interest to Mariano, whose classical approach to painting is evident in the multiple layers of oil glazes and applied light. Another object of the artist’s fascination are the architectural details of early coastal structures; most particular windows, from where one may observe the ever changing mood of the sea. In 1975, Mariano received his art education at the Paier School of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, where he studied under Rudolph Zallinger, Leonard Everett Fisher, and Ken Davies. Early in his career, Mariano painted cover art for numerous book publishers. He developed his painting skills and eventually left commercial work to pursue fine art. His paintings reside in both corporate and private collections as well as in the New Britain Museum of American Art.

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