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Leslie Gabosh has been a working artist for over 40 years, painting still life as well as designing and fabricating jewelry.  As a painter, her inspiration has been the 17th century and 18th century Dutch and Flemish paintings of the Golden Age, Spanish paintings of the 18th century, and the 19th century American painters.  “My subjects are the incidentals of daily life.  When I study the paintings of Adriaen Coorte, Willem van Aelst, and Luis Melendez, I see similar concerns and delights.”

Gabosh also enjoys the addition of contemporary subjects that add a whimsical touch and resonate with her aesthetic sensibility.  Historically, translucence and luminosity of natural objects have appealed to artists and viewers; they relay a sense of tranquility and serenity that cancels out the noise of everyday chaos.  A moment of quiet reflection can produce a calm and meditative perspective on these ordinary and highly recognizable objects.

“My work is painted from life with intentionally organized and illuminated arrangements. Some objects come from my own garden where I have a deep and long-standing relationship with my trees and plants.  These small-format panels catch the eye from across the room and compel the viewer to move closer.  Although these are unremarkable objects, they are a pathway to thoughts and memories, and a window into the world of the artists who inspire me.”

Leslie and her husband currently reside in Columbia County, New York. 

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