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Leah Lopez was born in New Mexico where brilliant colors are the backdrop for a unique landscape, where diverse cultures have converged with tradition and art, making a “Land of Enchantment”.  Growing up in the midst of this was the beginning of the woman and artist we know today. She recalls, “I've always been an explorer and a seeker, these experiences serve as inspiration for my paintings”.  New York would prove to be her greatest challenge.  Leah had to work harder than ever and her hard work paid off when she opened up the Leah Lopez Atelier at Union Square.  As an artist, she is highly respected and her paintings are celebrated. With gallery representation across the states and students flocking to the Atelier to study, she maintains the same hard working schedule to develop her latest body of work.  More than ever, Leah’s paintings are passionately inspired by her life and experiences on this riveting, creative journey.

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