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Karen Hollingsworth is known for her dreamlike arrangements of subject matter. Through the artist's careful selection her subjects "speak" to one another, and to the viewer, in unique and unusual ways. In many of her painted interior spaces, she includes open windows that act as portals into an imagined world. These airy "windowscapes," beckon viewers with the implied movement of air between a tranquil domestic interior and the beauty of beguiling landscapes (and creatures) that exist just beyond the window.  

For Hollingsworth, a painting is about the feeling it evokes. Although there are no figures present in her paintings, it is difficult to deny the implications of vacant chairs and beds (or open windows). These entities suggest a human presence that often makes the experience personal for viewers. 

"I love to create paintings that evoke a sense of familiar," the artist says. "To blend the common objects of everyday life, placed within the interior of a room, with a glimpse of the ocean or mountain though an open window. My paintings are intended to provide the viewer with a sense of solitude and well being; a comfortable world bathed in sunlight and warm breezes. For me, a painting is successful if "I wish I was there." 

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