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Jeff Soderbergh creates custom sustainable furnishings.  For 23 years Mr. Soderbergh has been creating award winning custom furnishings and sculpture for both residential and commercial clients and collectors. "Widely regarded as one of the leaders of the reclaiming movement..." Architectural Digest October 2011.

Based out of his studio in Newport, RI, he focuses on creating one sustainable heirloom piece at a time. Each piece is exceptionally crafted using timeless woodworking joinery, the finest hand selected reclaimed materials and family friendly finishes for years of enjoyment and easy care. The different materials that Mr. Soderbergh uses date between 1500 and 1950, comes from all over the world, and from many walks of life. Pieces include wood, metal, glass, textiles and stone.

“I sculpt, design and build furniture because I believe in preserving the history of our unique surroundings in a tangible way that can be passed down through the generations.I would like my work to have a thoughtful impact on the world that we all share, a nostalgic connection to our past and be beautiful.”

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