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Emily VanDerMaelen

I grew up on a small farm, in North Guilford, CT. Since a young age I was deeply fascinated by nature and the magic and wonder it gave me.  Being surrounded by animals on the farm, and witnessing wildlife cultivated a foundation to my work. I don’t have a designated “style” I enjoy moving around from trompe l'oeil, to still-lifes to flat floral tapestry but my thumbprint is found in what connects my work together. Much of what I enjoy painting has some form of nature in it. I also have a soft spot for antiques, and have fun getting lost in mimicking textures: from rusty metals, to old wood, and glass. I am moved by rhythm, and movement … whether that be abstract, or realism. I am greatly inspired by the earth and fairytale like themes and organic forms that are found in the art nouveau movement. I am drawn to a strong selection of a few colors, that have become my personal palette: teals blues, mossy greens, lilacs, and terracotta rusts and pinks that are recognized through all that I do: in my paintings, to the precious gemstones I hand select for my jewelry designs. I graduated summa cum laude from Paier College of Art, with my BFA in 2022, and recently finished painting an outdoor mural for a local winery.

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