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Claire J Kendrick (b.1974, Irish / American) Growing up in a creative family of architects and designers, has given Claire a spatial awareness and sense of scale when it comes to commissions and large-scale installations. Claire worked as a fashion designer in Ireland, England, France, Belgium, and Sweden. A love of the arts was fostered, her education and a rich cultural backdrop has given her work a unique edge. By applying abstraction to her subjects, perhaps it was her experience in Paris, working in color forecasting and sitting at the runway shows of London and Paris, that inspire a free reign to enhance reality. Claire’s paintings are color sensations, passionate responses, and poetic experiences.” I work quickly, process slowly and my creative expression is better suited to the visual arts than to the stage, I prefer to work things out in the privacy of the studio and let the viewer lean into the work. Learning to love life as a studio introvert. The drama exudes in the work.” – Claire

Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to pursuing her painting career and is professionally represented by five galleries. Early in her career she worked with Contemporary American Painters, notably Cynthia Packard and Anne Packard. Her Paintings have been published in American Art Collector Magazine, Florida Design and Veranda Magazine. Claire is a member of Oil Painters of America. 

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