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Carol Petretti

Born in 1951, Carol Petretti grew up in Bellport, NY, where she developed her life-long love of the coastal environment with its small villages, bays, marshes and coves.  It was this deep connection to her surroundings that would compel her towards realism. 

She has been extremely lucky to have had exceptional teachers from high school forward.  She was taught a classic curriculum of skills combined with a solid appreciation of art history.  Her art education, which began in high school, continued in college and then as a scholarship student at the School of the Worcester Art Museum where she earned a BFA.  After her formal training,  she began to look to museums, galleries and contemporary masters for inspiration and guidance. 

These days Carol can often be found painting outdoors anywhere the salt air and land meet. Expressing the ever changing light of the coast has become her life's work. She has won numerous awards including the prestigious Ronthaler Award, several best of show awards and is collected extensively in the United States and Europe.

Carol currently lives on Cape Cod where she finds inspiration around every corner and in every meadow.

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